23 } Quilters are either looking to skip buying pre-cut fabrics or they need a different a different size of strips. For example if a 3″ diamond is needed the strip needs to be cut at 3 ½″ wide. Fabric 3 (backing) 12 @ 5″ strips. I cut a fat quarter up in just a couple of minutes. In this video I showcase how to cut long strips of fabric commonly used in log cabin style quilts. Quick Quilted Coaster Tutorials Photo by Fave Quilts. I love all these videos, because even if you aren’t using all the skills of “power-cutting”, they show the basic concepts of good, safe rotary cutting habits. 19 var imgTag = '' + postTitle + '' : ''; If this is (pretend here) a 44" wide strip of fabric and the triangle is 3.5" wide and you have 8 layers of fabric stacked, you can cut 224 triangles at one time from this stack! Make your cut along the edge of the ruler and you've made your subcut. Read on to see how I manage to cut large pieces of fabric on smaller cutting mats without a problem! 27 //]]> Place your ruler across all the strips, and then make your sub-cuts all at once. A frequently asked question here in the quilting room is how to cut lots of fabric strips. Then go back to each slit and quickly rip each strip of fabric and set aside. With the weather warming up and schools being let out for summer, before you know it you’ll find yourself digging in the dirt and lounging on the beach! But instead of shifting the fabric and risking misaligning its edges, spin your cutting mat to make the sub-cuts easier to do. Just remember to get twice as many fat quarters because your strips will be half as wide as a strip cut from the whole width of fabric. She has eclectic tastes and loves everything from mid-century mod to classic farmhouse and everything in between! When designing Mel believes that the fabric will tell you what it wants to be and you should listen! bsrpg_thumbSize + '"/>'; 24 html.push('
'); Use these tips to whip out your quilts in nothing flat! You can use leftover, irregularly shaped pieces of fabric by quilting them together and cutting 2 1/2-by-45-inch strips from the quilted sections. SUPPLIES: woven cotton fabric; large clear ruler; fine tipped marker or pen; sewing machine ***Check out my Sewing Terms 101 post, for additional help with terminology, etc. 15 for (var j = 0; j < links.length; ++j) { The last step is to sew the sub-cut units together. Pick up your folded and cut piece, and fold it in half again – this time lengthwise so it is now 22½” x 25″. How to Make a Tree Skirt: I am trying my hardest to not be a grinch this year. Remember in the last step where I said to pay close attention to the order of your ... Kraft-Tex Oversize Pinwheel Pillow To Update Your Decor Today. The instructions for most quick-pieced quilt patterns tell you to rotary cut long strips of fabric from selvage to selvage, across the fabric's crosswise grain, and that's what we'll cover in this tutorial.However, it's fine to work with shorter strips until you are comfortable with long ones, and strips of fabric cut along the fabric's less stretchy lengthwise grain work nicely, too. This month's color is Marsala. Strip piecing is a time-saving method that can help you sew quick and easy quilts. If you are using reference lines on your cutting mat, but you can’t see the line markings or reference numbers along all four edges, place a length of masking tape along the unmarked edges, then add your reference numbers so that you can see what each line represents in inches without sliding your fabric or moving your ruler. Materials listed will make 6 placemats. Then I align the ruler with the selvage and cut until I dang near run out of mat. You can use these strips in Rail Fence and Log Cabin blocks. you bought a pattern and pulled fabric but never started cutting), consider putting the fabric back in your stash and setting the pattern aside for now unless you know you will be tackling that project ASAP. It is usually purchased pre-cut and pre-folded in packages and comes in a variety of widths and colors. If I think it might be some time before I get to cutting those strips again and I'm worried about the pins scarring the fabric I will quickly baste the raw edge with some of the thread from my big cone of basting thread! ... Londa Demonstrates How To Fold Fabric to cut Long Strips of Bias - Duration: 1:54. With your fabric and ribbon scraps, you can sew a dozen of these coasters, place them in a box, and tie it with a nice ribbon to make the perfect hostess gift.. And there you have it – how to cut strips and three ways to sub-cut fabric from strips for quilting. Ripping fabric is actually a widely used method to cut strips of fabric. Mine is in half inch increments and I was cutting 2 1/2" strips for a future project. Do the Math. Lay both mats face down and slide the edges together until they meet evenly. First, decide how long of a 2 inch wide bias cut strip … When I am ready to cut the next strips everything is lined up pinned and ready to go. To quickly cut binding strips on the bias, start with a fabric square or rectangle. Hercules AS100-K Electric Rotary Fabric Mini Cutter & Round Knife Cutting Machine with Hercules Replacement Parts (Hercules AS100-K Cutter) 4.7 out of 5 stars 158 $129.77 $ 129 . Line up your strip, then start from the far right and cut each piece, gradually moving the ruler to the left and lining up the next cut with lines. : … One piece of fabric for the back, cut to the desired runner size (add an inch to the length and width to allow for trimming adjustments). 13 var newImgUrl = orgImgUrl.replace('s72-c', 's' + bsrpg_thumbSize + '-c'); Fabric strips - Cut strips in various widths, from 1" to 2 1/2". How to Make a Quick and Easy Striped Quilt These quilts were really easy and I made them two of them in four days. Then cut your strips from both fabrics at the same time. 07 var entries = root.feed.entry || []; EDITOR: Liz Johnson. For example, if the fabric strips were 1½” wide, cut the sub-units 1½” wide. Laura Roberts teaches you how to cut novelty fabric into little squares and make it into a block. To do this, first mark your cutting lines on the fabric using chalk pencil or dressmaker's pen. The diagrams shown illustrate a 5⁄8-yard length of 42"-wide fabric. The diagrams shown illustrate a 5⁄8-yard length of 42"-wide fabric. Before you get started on cutting, you need to do the math on the exact length of fabric that you’ll need. Press the seam toward the darker fabric, then cross-cut the strip set into twelve 2½” units. It's time for another kraft tex tutorial!! Skinny Strips Quilt. Lay both mats face down and slide the edges together until they meet evenly. So, lay out your first pieces of fabric. I promise the last step of the mystery quilt is coming. Proper preparation of the fabric is vital in sewing. Cut the strip of fabric to the size of diamond needed making sure that the ½″ inch seam allowance is added in. 08 var html = ['