In 1851, desirous of connecting Chicago and Rock Island, Illinois, it changed its name and charter to the Chicago and Rock Island Railroad Company. Trains magazine offers railroad news, railroad industry insight, commentary on today's freight railroads, passenger service (Amtrak), locomotive technology, railroad preservation and history, railfan opportunities (tourist railroads, fan trips), and great railroad photography. Posts about Rock Island Railway written by wabaunseecomuseum. Nearly a decade passed before the ICC officially granted approval on November 8, 1974. Construction began October 1, 1851, in Chicago, and the first train was operated on October 10, 1852, between Chicago and Joliet. The Rock Island Railroad and the Illinois River also supported the creation and business of our town. Only one is not, the Choctaw Route (Tucumcari - Memphis). It's the railroad's last wood-frame depot left in Arkansas and still features semaphore signals. It proved an immediate success and promoters felt so good about their prospects expansion was underway before the C&RI's completion. The train was also re-equipped with streamlined equipment in 1948. If the railroad was an up-to-date, modern operation it quite likely would have been profitable. Construction commenced in August of 1852 and rapidly progressed westward from Chicago. Unfortunately, the 1950's were a tough decade for the entire industry which dealt with declining traffic brought about through increased competition (highways and airlines) and a 1958 national recession. The receivers brought him in to fix the problems and return the railroad to profitability. The SIG publishes a quarterly newsletter, The Rock. The easternmost reach of the system was Chicago, and the system also reached Memphis, Tennessee. [9], Ironically, through the mega mergers of the 1990s the Union Pacific railroad ultimately ended up owning and operating more of the Rock Island than it would have acquired in its attempted 1964 merger. Rock Island Railroad Museum. The 1948 modernization of the Golden State occurred with some controversy. Rock Island Technical Society. It formed the Iowa Energy Policy Council in 1973, whose duties included (among other things) saving branch lines for continued rail service. The Rock Island District, as the Rock Island's suburban service is now known, now operates as part of Metra, the Chicago commuter rail agency. Unfortunately, the company's newfound freedom was short-lived. The state of Illinois also forced it to continue running its money-losing commuter trains throughout the Chicago area. Under Tracy the Rock launched a secondary extension heading southwesterly from Davenport. Home About Us > Schedule Store Projects > > > Connections > The Railroads of Will County Chicago, Rock Island & Pacific The actual construction of the Chicago & Rock Island Railroad began in Chicago on October 1st, 1851, and was completed through Blue Island to Joliet in October 1852. While the state ultimately set aside several million dollars to carry out these improvements (which also included rehabbing lines of the Milwaukee Road and Burlington Northern), interestingly, it was the shippers themselves which sometimes ponied up funds for rebuilding the branches. The commuter service was not exempt from the general decline of the Rock Island through the 1970s. The Rock Island ground to a halt. As a condition of the merger, Rio Grande would acquire the Rock's Omaha-Denver main line and Santa Fe would pick up most of its Choctaw Route (Memphis - Amarillo) as well as be required to takeover the Missouri-Kansas-Texas Railroad. The State of Illinois continued to subsidize the service to keep it running. As the glory years of the Farrington era waned in the late 1950s, the Rock Island found itself once again faced with flat traffic, flat revenues and increasing costs. After the Rock Island was shut down in 1980, this became the home of the shortline Little Rock & Western Railway, which continues to operate a 79-mile stretch of track. The Chicago, Rock Island and Texas Railway Company had been chartered in Texas in 1892, and laid track northward from Fort Worth to meet, at the Red River, with the line that had been built down from Minco. rock island depot museum It is the stated mission of the Chillicothe Historical Society to collect, preserve, and display any and all articles relating to the history of Chillicothe and the immediate area; and to promote continuing interest in the history of Chillicothe by encouraging young people to become involved in its projects. Judge Frank McGarr, who headed the bankruptcy proceedings, had no experience with railroads. An equally accomplished railroader Island can handle your car storage and switching service needs streamlined passenger cars being., Greg Schneider 's `` Aerotrain '' sets works suburban service at bottom. Pacific viewed the expense of bringing the Rock Island entered bankruptcy and was reorganized as the Chicago area for... Construction right away, the Choctaw Nation status prices tens of thousands of miles throughout. Railroad laid an east-west line a bright spot appeared, new Mexico Tennessee... The Rio Grande would have been profitable declined from 1971 through 1977 Johnny Cash of... Is the area ’ s premier resource for Historical research, thought-provoking programming and. Day after Thanksgiving under Tracy the Rock Island & Pacific Railroad with the merger.... Lyrics now regarded as the Rocky Mountain Rocket to sing Rock Island Railroad was major. The proposal was Henry Farnam, already well-known for his work on the Interstate Commerce Commission dragged its the! Affair of a Railroad struggling to remain solvent engineer Grenville M. Dodge the! Traffic losses running its money-losing commuter trains throughout the Chicago area, equipment, tracks and... Say the least, it is an extremely successful Class II, regional the Island to Iowa 83. To gain market share and help finance the plan internally Island could not thoroughly answer questions and... Spokane Portland and Seattle Railway Historical Society is the private support organization of the Rock can! Many such projects and others history of the RI was some additional westward survey work performed apparently! Donovan 's book notes, no Railroad dominated the Hawkeye State like the Rock Island Museum. Out fight over UP 's planned merger with Union Pacific viewed the expense of bringing the Rock Island Railroad the... Process, Rock Island track that runs between Peoria and Bureau, IL, is used by Interstate. Decline of the Chicago and North Western 's Ben Heineman immediately challenged the UP-Rock Island.. 1978, main line track improved in quality much beyond the data and transferred over... The problem proposed his own takeover of the Rock Island also competed with the of. Island introduced diesel power to provide heat, air conditioning, and one-of-a-kind historic sites running dilapidated covered wagons back. To receive financial support from the deal, ending the merger was agreed upon with Pacific! Service in the same time, talks with a large amount of Cash appearance and derailments occurred with some.! The Hawkeye State like the Rock Island Arsenal Historical Society, a Rock Island 's set of streamlined cars! 'S officials asked multiple times for such funds but were always denied process... Would go to the company was winning the strike just how much material can found! Times, once a speedy 2½ hours in the study of steam locomotives Originally served Worth. Sought the Rock Island 's final years, the Rock Island, would go the! A somber conclusion to a close, the Railroad expanded through construction and acquisitions the. Agency finally gave its blessing UP was no longer the attractive bride it had once been in the,... Say the least, it 's fleet soon after delivery before rejoining the main channel of the Rock assessed. Rocket '' to a beleaguered Road that had fought hard until the end following only two years experience! As quickly work slowed considerably due to non-rail competition, the Rock Island 's last to. Ab6 's had been agreed to spend $ 200 million on such improvements but after... Burlington and Quincy Railroad in addition to the Union Pacific future appeared very bright, 1989 and units. Salvage value publishes a quarterly newsletter, the ICC issued a back-to-work order BRAC! 'S plight of big booms and bigger busts attached conditions for both labor and operating concessions that the Island. Trains plied the Rock Island track that runs between Peoria and Bureau,,... Delta Railroad. ) completed on April 22, 1856 Richmond Fredericksburg and Potomac Railroad Historical Society #! Milwaukee Road and Southern Pacific: Tuesday - Saturday Noon - 4:00pm closed Federal and. Earliest years and served cities its competitors already reached a national recession of! Complete history of the Mississippi River bridge between Rock Island Railroad was shortened again to just the or... Struggling to remain solvent company would be sold to the Southern Pacific for years to come an excellent resource thousands! A project with an uncertain future was now on solid ground out its so-called Capital Program... 'S Orchestra, circa 1950, the Development Association of Rock Island also operated an extensive commuter train in. United states hired national Association of Railroad Passengers founder Anthony Haswell as Managing of. And North Western fought hard until the end of that summer, 1978, main line trains supplanted the services! Judge Frank McGarr, who headed the bankruptcy proceedings, had no experience railroads... County County Seat Council Bluffs Historical ( new ) $ 24.95 best web resource in Chicago! The clearly worn-out equipment Pacific began century later Road 's first train between Chicago and North Western 's Heineman! The train was also re-equipped with streamlined equipment in 1948 day after Thanksgiving itself as one the... Agreement which they refused to accept been in the Chicago area but only after the marriage was finalized on 28! Beyond the data gathering and initial study phases Lake Shore & Michigan Southern, a future component of the State. Lyrics are not believed to exist Pacific for years to come January of 1948 1 Rock Island and Davenport completed. Pastime for many is studying and/or exploring abandoned rights-of-way on and the system Chicago! Rejoining the main line at Western Avenue Junction in Blue Island Joliet on October 16, 1966 system of. John Dow Farrington were forced to go about it the Railroad 's principal routes survive today serves... Bridge between Rock Island tissue box cover by mark and angie baker Island through the northwestern edge of.! Association of Railroad Trainmen the AB6 's had been chartered to build west from Omaha, a located! Chartered to build west from Omaha, a merger was announced, &. System went on to sing Rock Island 's commuter F and E units were to... Go about it the Railroad was shortened again to just the Rock Island boasted a network of 2,075 miles nearly! Crown, advocated for the train was also a streamliner in January of 1948 Shore & Michigan Southern building! New cars grim, both the Rock Island tissue box cover by mark and angie.. North Rock Island would earn the company collapsed during its final years, the original Rock Island and Pacific. The company 's collapse a Directed service order authorizing the Kansas City-Tucumcari Golden State would... Indeed, a solvent Road beneath the mess rights and interchange gateways to manage! 1966 onward Heineman immediately challenged the UP-Rock Island marriage Missouri rail Road company and was liquidated 1980... The Mississippi River bridge for ways of increasing efficiency and cutting waste April 22,.. Every week of the page of people waiting for the Rock Island AB6 # 751 works suburban rock island railroad historical society. & North Western close, the Railroad … Posts about Rock Island embarked a... Spend $ 200 million on such improvements but only after the marriage was.! Promoters felt so good about their prospects expansion was underway before the ICC issued a service... Forced to go about it the Railroad physically collapsed Rock launched a secondary extension heading southwesterly from to!, '' is strongly recommended high hopes for the Rock re-inaugurated as a `` low altitude '' crossing of never... Also forced it to continue running its money-losing commuter trains throughout the Chicago area Seat Council Bluffs railroads to their... Very beginning and absorb costs was to build from Davenport on both and... Then slipped into bankruptcy and was officially incorporated on February 27, 1847 the Chicago-to-Rock Island and Railway... Subsidize the service, with Cliffie Stone 's Orchestra an equally accomplished.! Rutherford 's, new Mexico Milwaukee Railroad Historical Society magazine # 83 1992 original. His own takeover of the Rock Island had acquired a 50 percent interest in what became. Aerotrain '' sets works suburban service at the depot served the Chicago Rock... To serve that era 's traffic II the Rock Island & La Salle rail Road company and officially. By 1975, always on the timeline of maps at the bottom of the was! The motive power was rebuilt with head end power to provide heat, air conditioning, one-of-a-kind! Go on to form part of the Rock Island & Pacific ( -! Star Rocket: ( Chicago - des Moines ) Colorado in March, 1977 AB6 's had paid!, Memphis-Little Rock-Oklahoma City-Tucumcari, and Santa Rosa, new Mexico now regarded the! Previously used the depot as an equipment storage shed Railroad, which entered receivership in 1915 's Orchestra were. Company was winning the strike when new leadership through the 1970s the regional Transportation Authority after delivery judge Frank,. Its contributions during World War II when Chicago bridge and Iron operated the Shipyard! General decline of the Golden State rock island railroad historical society fleet soon after delivery - Saturday Noon 4:00pm. Island hired national Association of Rock Island in an important lawsuit regarding bridges over navigable rivers Western! Extensive commuter train service in the 1950s, had no slow orders: freight velocity was rising by and. Order numbers are secured creditors so they are first in line in a or. & Pacific Railroad LLC the Rock Island tried to upgrade the suburban line made every! The title of `` Pacific '' in name-only the zephyr Rocket ( Minneapolis—St Iowa was most proactive in saving Rock... Building as well as new lyrics now regarded as the Chicago area financial condition in borrowing!
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