Many employers are even willing to cover the majority of your tuition! Finish College. Is an Online Finance Degree Worth It? Colleges—and even some employers—recognize the needs of nontraditional students and are providing the necessary support for them to obtain a bachelor’s degree without neglecting responsibilities at home or work. All of our classes are built on the foundation of the Bible. Additionally, college graduates are 47% more likely to have health insurance through their employers. Going back to school to finish your bachelor’s degree is not a commitment to be taken lightly. Your credit score does not keep you from qualifying. We understand that going back to school requires sacrifice from the entire family. On the other, it means that you can access new (and better) jobs. Though you may be tempted to give up at times, there are many reasons to continue working toward your degree. By completing your college degree, even when it means going back to college as a professional, you are showing your children that education is important and that it’s worth the investment. Life happens, plans change, and sometimes we are forced to put our goals on the backburner. Consequently, having a college degree can help you keep yourself and your family healthy and happy. You’ll benefit from obtaining your degree, whether you’re trying to climb the corporate ladder or you are a stay-at-home parent, because Geneva College believes a Biblical education can help everyone lead a happier and more fulfilling life. But that doesn’t have to be the case! We work hard to set our students up for success at school, in the workplace, and, maybe most importantly, at home. You might even be wondering if it’s necessary or worth it to go back to school. Florida’s 28 community colleges (now “state colleges”) offer bachelor’s degrees for 2-12 majors. The colleges we work with are nationally recognized for program excellence, with courses available on campus, online, or both.​. I will still give my opinion though based on what I think a computer science degree is worth. Join our mailing list to receive a free copy of "Going Back to College", the new ebook from Abound: Finish College! Finishing your Master’s Degree in Germany will open many doors for you in the future. Your unfinished college on your resume should look something like this: Currently Pursuing Degree on a Resume—Example That might be because attending college helps instill healthy habits by requiring you to focus on taking care of yourself to perform to the best of your abilities.Â. Right now, there are people pursuing the same things you are. It’s about taking the time you have and putting it to good and logical use. Many companies are willing to contribute heavily to the completion of your degree. When you think about your deepest desires for your career, family, and finances, you might want to consider if they become more attainable with a bachelor’s degree. The order of what you share first on a résumé matters. , which provides a way for learners to earn credit for their past and current work experience through testing, submitting a portfolio or Competency-Based Education programs. “Test out” of classes. We believe that completing a college degree shouldn’t just benefit those looking for a promotion or higher pay; higher education should offer something to everyone. However, investing money that will some day need to be paid … Explore new opportunities. - An Adult Student's Guide to the SAT/ACT, Many states have their own grants specifically tailored to adult learners who are choosing to finish their degrees. If you're thinking about going back to school, you might not need to take the SAT or ACT. Many four-year universities operate centers at community college campuses so that students don’t have to commute, move, or interrupt their lives in order to complete their degrees. offers great tips and resources on how to persuade your employer for tuition assistance. Finishing your education speaks volumes on your resume that go beyond the program you studied and your grades. Category Competency Based Education (CBE) programs allow students to earn credits at a more accelerated pace, rather than taking a certain number of courses per term. Lead with what you have, Watkins said. Write your comment below and an Abound team member will respond shortly. Courses and degrees are offered in many formats—including traditional “face to face” classes, blended classes, and completely online courses. It can save you time and money toward earning your degree. Germany’s universities over the years are considered to be of the highest quality. For example, Indiana started the. Employers are actively seeking the most qualified candidates. Though it can be a lengthy (and costly) endeavor, research overwhelmingly shows that the many benefits provided by a college degree make it worth the effort.Most students enroll immediately after high school, but this is not always the case--college students come in all shapes and sizes. Although your degree does not guarantee success, it gives you a better chance of reaching your highest earning potential in a field you are excited to be a part of.