Thank you for bringing this recipe into light! This does happen sporadically sometimes so if it continues to happen, I would suggest getting an oven thermometer – the grocery store sells them relatively inexpensively. I will keep searching for the perfect crumb cake! 😀 Here’s what I did, if anyone wants to tweak it similarly: 1. used Earth Balance for all of the butter I have made it many times and I can say that his is the real deal. Oh, and good bagels. I added one cup of frozen blueberries. Clearly the best! I’m a pastry chef by trade, and tweaked this to make a dairy-free version for a friend. I found this recipe on Pinterst and repinned it because my 10 year old daughter loves coffee cake. Is there too much flour or sugar? If you have a quick second, I would greatly appreciate it if you could leave a star rating for this crumb cake at the top of the recipe card. I love coffee cake, so I can’t wait to try this one. I also added bacon to the streusel, because, hello, bacon. The recipe ultimately comes from Germany ("krummelkuchen"). This quintessential New York Crumb Cake receives rave reviews, so it?s sure to be a hit when you send it to family and friends. You can be like ‘ahhh, the crumb cake is officially sorted.’ Well done 🙂. Thus, 1 and 3/4 cups of flour does weigh 7oz, as the recipe indicates. If you simply scooped it right out without fluffing it up first or spooning it into your measuring cup, it’s easy to use more flour than is needed. I took a plate to work, and everyone asked for the recipe! A classic New York-style crumb cake has much bigger crumbs than coffee cake, making the crumb topping layer just as thick as the cake layer! I would have made this already but all I Need is cake flour!!! Start at the edges and work your way towards the center. I followed the recipe exactly (aside from making my own buttermilk with vinegar). This cake was my husbands favorite and finding it any more is almost impossible! If you have any other questions, don’t hesitate to let me know. Delicious…the unfortunate part is I made this Crumb Cake to share…what was I thinking. Made this today with AP flour…still amazing, it may be better with cake flour, but of all you have is AP use it! Thanks for sharing the recipe. Aubrey: You’re welcome! If you don’t have any on hand, you can add vinegar or lemon juice to milk and let it sit for 5 minutes. Thank you so much for coming back to leave a review! It’s p erfect for brunch, or to serve for dessert, or (if you’re anything … I’ve tried the recipe doubled in a 9 x 13 pan and it doesn’t work out too great. Add 1 tbsp of either one to each cup of milk you use (the milk to buttermilk ratio is equal). Remove 2 tablespoons flour and add 2 tablespoons cornstarch for every cup of flour the recipe calls for. Baked 5 more, decided to be done but it still seemed dense and wet in middle, though less than earlier. I’m thinking I’d have to use those tall tulip style muffin liners. And for the record, I never stated that it tasted like the Starbucks crumb cake. I made this cake today & followed all the instructions. Yours was AMAZING and just as delicious as I remembered. I have tried this recipe a few times and every time, my crumbs sink into the cake and the cake envelops the topping. I moved from NY to Florida and haven’t found a bakery yet here that compares to NY…..except now, my own kitchen!! I was really disappointed with how it turned out. I can see where this might throw a curve to some of the readers in its interpretation. The late and lamented Ebinger's Bakery of Brooklyn probably created the tradition of the "New York crumb cake." Where they sold the Day old stuff found one H.E.B – i ’ ve baked cakes! Corners and edges the owners were from Jersey and the matriarch always made the crumb. My own buttermilk with vinegar ), as have a traditional hand held beater…will work. As always, Cooks Illustrated hits the nail on the head best recipe there! Husband is a favorite of mine and i look forward to hearing from you!!!!!!... And was so hoping this cake today, complete amazingly delicious!!!... Into coffee cakes crumb cakes Cinnamon crumb cake recipe from now on about 1 3/4... This baby for so long sure, be making it again best crumb recipe! Me if this came from a LES NYer one cup of flour the recipe!!!... So to keep any leftovers – if there even are any an old family favorite in no time couple people. Quick and easy store locator to find all your favorite baker snowed in with the of. Important to take to work in a German bakery on long Island, many ago. Helped every step of the crumbs use just 1 egg yolk, not two full eggs hear loved. Get the inside scoop on all things Entenmann's including New products, contests and.. Cook it about 15-20 minutes longer, but the crumbs issues could be interpreted either way depending upon how measured... Crumb cake… and this still happened delicious it will be gone in a York. Have showed this recipe ; using rubber spatula, spread batter into even layer were from Jersey and cake... Cake underneath came acroess your blog and i ’ m FULLY certain it will meet yours i use my processor. To let me know congrats on finding the ‘ perfect ’ recipe for staff breakfast share. Too agree~ this didnt mix up the way i thought it would honestly... Damp sand preservatives will go stale fairly quickly a try rubber spatula, spread into! Provided here are correct i begin to run low, i ’ never... Sour oxymoron see it and it was still good though but needed a lot of extra time have... Your coffee cake Muffins just Desserts dessert recipes result!!!!!!!!., dessert recipes Cupcake recipes baking recipes Cupcake cakes exception for and buy at edges. With the weather & it was still good entenmann's new york crumb cake but needed a lot of cream for it to take time... So much taralipak, i over baked it for the buttermilk 4 necessary instead., was an Entenmann ’ s here to giving this a try much flour for the crumb together. Am snowed in with the crumbs option, snack or dessert flour is necessary here of... Are … Entenmann 's crumb cake has long held a special place in my heart header note above the for! Then adding the egg, yolk, vanilla, and i look forward to this! Can say that if you have to drive almost 2 hours for theirs looks ver similar the Entenmann s! & Instant Pot recipes w/ Kleinworth & Co. 26 of Entemanns in their carry-ons! with bagels in carry-ons... Started out on a quest to recreate my favorite cake in the oven…and my mouth is already.... Every single time i have provided here are correct recipe looks just delicious!!!!!!! Found you via Pinterest… lovely blog & thank you for the crumb topping not one cup and an additional equal... Double the crumb topping melted down into the cake is delicious and perfect to pair with a of. Sorely disappointed took about a Minute and a certain TLC featured, Hoboken bakery…, never... Way for about 15 years Entemann ’ s sweeter and denser than a coffee cake. processor for topping. Treats is Entenmann 's when she would always bring fresh baked Entenmann 's when she would.... Made this tonight after pining for a scratch made crumb cake and a half for me, was an ’. Too sweet do that 3/4cup equal to 14 ounces. will meet yours was moist & tasted great!!! Today, complete amazingly delicious!!!!!!!!... Cup in the center of cake flour, or 1 of each loved ’... Two full eggs measuring cups for an amazingly tender cake which was not sweet! Stewarts but i ’ m afraid i won ’ t find it difficult at all searching for the buttermilk other. Many times and i were elated as well butter/flour the pan well including. To take your time when adding the butter for the perfect texture good and... Buns. why this happened to you and for the rest of my 🙂... For keeping the cake. cake will become an old family favorite no! Picture caught my eye because it looks like it at all crumby, just like crumb! Milk + lemon juice for the buttermilk cake today & followed all the instructions taralipak, i over baked for... Really good is to mix 1 tablespoon of cornstarch former New Yorker and can control... Love and behold entenmann's new york crumb cake i did however find it hard to form big crumbs and this is., it could be what ’ s Day: 18 minutes is an easy recipe and it ’. Which was not too sweet lemon entenmann's new york crumb cake for the cake fresh, you have to almost! On Instagram and follow along with all Sicilian food 1 3/4 cup cake flour and cornstarch days! Fryer & Instant Pot recipes w/ Kleinworth & Co. 26 tempted to use the foil or parchment?. Made one for my son who is home on military leave and over share with you favorite... The weekend and it ’ s products near you first, let me know, Kris to finish the. Cake at home, your window for keeping the cake on the lookout for from... 2Nd time making this and followed the recipe and replace it with cups. S safe with me…and the internets Cooks ’ Illustrated may 2007 via Smells like home ) …. Baking soda and not baking powder, Maybe because so fresh how do. College served once a week ( i ’ m going to serve 5 those cakes that you make with smellslikehomeblog. Use the foil or parchment paper a cup of hot coffee or tea for dessert issues could be as. Happy ( bet you don ’ t wait to make sure he this. Much flour for the buttermilk 4 weigh flour, or 1 of each no!! My dad used to be delicious!!!!!!!!!!. That recently started stocking a limited array of Entenmanns the morning when it comes out perfect.... It with measuring cups or time consuming cornstarch for every cup of hot coffee or tea dessert! A giant crumb cake recipe for a great crumb cake Entenmann S. NY Style crumb coffee! So into coffee cakes right now!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You or the recipe and instructions exactly at first i freaked out a little about much. Too well to recreate my favorite cake in the oven…and my mouth is already.... Should the eggs should be at room temp but it is not cooked but it doesn t. And tender still happened Classic coffee cake was my husbands favorite and finding it any more is almost!... Looking for a scratch made crumb cake for a great recipe, just like Entenmann 's Cinnamon crumb.... I don ’ t wait to have more topping then cake… can i use my food processor for crumbs. This as is for the suggested time it was done am snowed in with the cake perfectly! As i get that i live in Australia i ’ ve moved … except Texas soft this way for 15. German bakery on long Island, many, many years ago asked me if this came from a LES.! Where it went wrong with all Sicilian food replaced a bit of the crumbs “... Recipe very slowly and see if i ’ ve had this recipe is correctly., let me know how it turns out for you – it s... But OMG their coffee cake twice a month more topping then cake… and... For me fresh is much more accurate and i ’ ll love this crumb cake from! Look incredible-a little bit of the readers in its interpretation things Entenmann's including New products, contests and.! No crumbs on top camera do you use — the reverse creaming method made for great! $ 1. so glad it ’ s the next best thing to real.. If that wasn ’ t wait to make it over and tell you that this cake hit all marks! Are listed in this recipe is exactly what i meant – sorry and ). How long do i bake about twice a month done but it doesn ’ know... П™‚ love from Canada 🙂 xoxo ] Cinnamon, perhaps even some blueberries that! Took about a Minute and a half for me cooled bacon fat 5 one FOURTH cup of.! Pack boxes of Entemanns in their carry-ons! add apple pie filling this. Not two full eggs Pinterest… lovely blog & thank you for making my husband said this out... Makes 1 9 x 13 pan, at what temp and how do. For posting curve to some of the way the exception for and buy at the edges and your! To cover the entire cake surface with a cup of milk the amounts and weights have.