The history of the Maori occupation of the Auckland Islands is quite new, and adds another interesting chapter to the history of the race. All of these matters assisted in the mortality which supervened, so that out of an estimated population of 2,000 in 1835, and 212 in 1855, the Morioris are reduced to 35 at the present date; many of them being crossed with other strains, and are not pure Morioris.4. Baker informed the captain of the proper anchorage at Whangaroa, to which he moved the ship next day, and where the Maoris were immediately landed. Then the thought grew ‘we are in a strait’ (or shall die)—Ka tipu te whakaaro, ka mate. The archipelago is called Rekohu ("misty sun") in the indigenous language Moriori, and Wharekauri in Māori. See M-F 8AM–5PM. The island group includes many small islands, but only the two main ones are inhabited: Chatham Island, also called Rēkohu or Wharekauri, and Pitt Island, also known as Rangihaute or Rangiāuria. The latter belonged to Patukawenga and Ketu Te Ropu. The reason of their dying so rapidly after the arrival of the Maoris may be due to a variety of causes. After his escape from Kawhia he came to Okoki in the Urenui district of Taranaki, and resided there. If the story is correct, it would give color to the rumour, subsequently current in Sydney, that the Captain was a consenting party to taking the Maoris to the Chathams. County Kent. On seeing this, Te Rangituatea, a Ngatimaniapoto chief, but a connection of Rauparaha's, opened the way for him, and told him “to go;” and so he was able to leave Kawhia, where he was then besieged, and would in the end have been killed. The Chatham Islands form an archipelago in the Pacific Ocean about 680 kilometres (423 mi) southeast of mainland New Zealand.It consists of about ten islands within a 40-kilometre (25 mi) radius, the largest of which are Chatham Island and Pitt Island.. Seeing this, one of them—Ketu te Ropu—who was running away with Te Rauparaha, kept saying to him “Turn,” a request which the latter refused to comply with until he had got to the kaumatuas and old chiefs, Rangiwahia and others, who were in reserve. Amongst others who had visited the Chatham Islands, was one Paki Whara, who returned to Port Nicholson, and there related his experiences to Ngatiawa. They killed all they could get hold of, following the fugitives for a long distance, and in so doing overtook and rescued most of the Ngatitama captives taken at Te Tarata. Book 9+ rooms . some members invaded the Chatham Islands. The assemblage of Toru I will take to feed (bait for) the hapuku on the headland at Te Papa-nui-a-Henga. The last fight the Ngatiawa had with the Ngatiraukawa (Rau- - 90 paraha's people) was at Te Kuititanga, near the mouth of the Waikanae Stream, where they effectually thrashed the latter. His canoe was made of a very large totara tree, from the River Hutt (Heretaunga); and out of the same tree, when split, another sister canoe called Ngawheua was also made. Generally speaking each Maori claimed the Morioris within his boundaries; many at first were taken elsewhere from off their lands: while others subsequently were taken to New Zealand, with their masters, at various times. Thus separated, many of them were killed in detail by Nga-Rauru, the rest being unaware of what was going on. Pitt Island lies 23km south east of Chatham Island and both islands are surrounded by a number of smaller islands, all within a radius of approximately 50km. Some of the islands, formerly cleared for farming, are now preserved as nature reserves to conserve some of the unique flora and fauna. So soon as he could do so safely he at once warned his people of the treachery intended, and informed them that a messenger had already gone to fetch the Ngatimutunga and others to kill them. This form of composition, or cursing, always took the form of an expression of the pleasure the composer would feel in roasting and eating the object of dislike, and the intention of acting on its precepts at the first favourable opportunity. Speaking of their numbers before the Maori invasion, the Karewa people, who lived in the centre of the island, likened themselves to the young of the wild grey duck (morīs), as seen on the Whanga (big lagoon) in numberless flocks before the arrival of the inevitable European pests,—pigs, dogs, cats, and rats,—which rapidly thinned and destroyed both sea and land birds. Ureia te tangata mate, Ureia te tangata mate, i houhoua ai te ure ki roto i te one-hunga, kei motu te karihi o te tupere, i. In addition to this, was the harassing experiences of the Maori invasion; to which may be added their lack of clothing—due to the destruction by the sealers of all the fur seals, both old and young, on the outlying reefs or islands, which caused much destitution in that - 161 respect. Combine beautiful scenery and amazing places with your chosen tour type in Chatham Islands, New Zealand Outlying Islands, New Zealand. After some time, and being thus reinforced, Waikato marched back home, neither attacking nor being attacked; neither side evidently deeming it prudent, and the Waikatos well pleased to get away. He was living at Waitangi at the time of the occurrence. Such was the unsettled position of affairs at that date, when an event occurred which altered all their plans. About 1819, Rauparaha, with his tribe, the Ngatitoa—a section of the Ngatiraukawa tribe—were living in Kawhia, and he had been indulging his ferocious propensities by murdering his Waikato and Ngatimaniapoto neighbours. Things to Do in Chatham Islands, New Zealand: See Tripadvisor's 262 traveler reviews and photos of Chatham Islands tourist attractions. The whole population of the district, however, did not leave at this time; many stayed at Taranaki and came with the subsequent hekes. Reserve now, pay at stay. They often spend 15-30 minutes sitting in burrow entrances checking surroundings before they climb up a tree to depart. Without delay the Ngatikahungunu tribe—gathered tegether by special messengers—came to Te Tarata. In the second trip, which left on the 30th November, 1835, seven canoes were taken, together with the remainder of the Ngatimutunga, Kekerewai, Ngatitama, and Ngatihaumia,—a section of the Taranaki people,—in all about 400 souls. In the first instance, isolated as they were in a small island or islands, not exceeding some 220,000 acres in extent, for a length of time extending over 27 or 28 generations, it was impossible for them to marry anyone but blood connections, even if those connections were removed by several stages. The Chatham Islands are controlled directly from New Zealand [and the population is too small to have any direct self-governance within the country] the island's affairs come under the jurisdiction of one political electorate. A l’écart des sentiers battus de la navigation et du tourisme, vous vous y sentirez seul, même si quelques voyageurs s’y seront égarés en même temps que vous. Wharepa, Patukawenga, and others, to whom they were related, interfered however, and permitted them—being relations—to come on board, together with a section of the Ngatihaumia or Taranaki tribe. See its listing in the See section below for details. Location St Mary's Island Chatham . The Maoris, however, were not slow to find out the weak points in such a mode of warfare; later on the Whanganui people managed to inveigle another Ngapuhi taua into a thicket, where their guns could not be used to advantage, and with superior numbers attacked and killed the whole party, after which Ngapuhi returned no more to trouble them. THE following account has been derived from the Maoris themselves, many of those who supplied the information having been actors in the scenes here related. Going Home - Pitt Island, Chatham Islands, NZ - Duration: 6:27. Introductory chapters provide a brief description of the Islands, life on the islands today, and social history. Map location exact or closely approximate. According to the Maori's own story, they were packed so closely in the hold that they could only squat down with their heads resting on one another, and so sleep as best they could. Price. Accordingly a large proportion of the Ngatitama and Kekerewai, from the Kaingaroa end of the island, went to Waitangi to await his arrival as promised. This occurred again on Kapiti Island, and lastly in Wellington, at the place named. An old man called Hone Potete who heard this, in telling the story afterwards, said:—“I suspected that there was treachery, and sitting beside my companion, with my big toe-nail, scratched him (kia whiwa) to indicate that we should attack our hosts, but he was afraid to do so. Then there was the advent of the Sydney sealers, many of whom lived on the island for a time, and consorted with Moriori women, leaving behind them the usual train of syphylitic diseases, which naturally would be distributed around. In 1835, after the Taranaki tribes of Ngati Mutunga and Ngati Tama where displaced by the musket wars. $0-$475 + Price per night. The account of this as given by Te Wharepa and others, is as follows: “After her arrival, we persuaded the captain to take his boat and go with us to Somes's Island—Matiu—where we told him we had a quantity of muka (scraped flax) and pigs. Brief mention of this occupation is to be found scattered through various works, but none so complete as that now given by Mr. Shand as derived from the people who formerly resided on the Island. Opened September 1856 on the break up of the Warrior (ID 2017) and Defence (ID 2022) prison hulks at Woolwich as a public works prison for male convicts. This, however, was apparently ignored by some of themselves, as well as the Ngatitama, who immediately on their arrival set out and took possession of Waitangi and its vicinity. Against this, however, is the fact that at the time when he was compelled to agree on Somes's Island—according to Maori testimony—he was certainly unwilling to do as they desired, whatever he may have done afterwards. After the arrival of the heke of the Niho Puta and others, the Ngatimutunga and Ngatitama, with a mixture of other tribes, settled in and around the present site of Wellington, the Ngatitama more especially in the Wairarapa Valley, in close proximity to the Ngatikahungunu tribe. The Moriori people lived by a code of no violence, war fare, and cannibalism. Hanson, Esq. The Chatham Islands consist of two main inhabited islands, Chatham Island and Pitt Island. Chatham Islands CDEM Group Plan. La baie est un site reculé, méconnu, et donc peu fréquenté. Update. On their way southward Ngatimutunga arrived at Waitotara, where they were received by the Nga-Rauru people with apparent hospitality, and were distributed among the separate houses of the kainga. The attack was commenced early in the morning, and shortly after noon the pa was in the possession of the allies. The Chatham Island Conservation Board met for their August 2020 meeting at the Kaingāroa, Playgroup, buildings. It was from the latter place, after seizing the brig Rodney, that they compelled the captain to take them to the Chatham Islands, or Wharekauri, so called by the Maoris from a small Kainga on the north coast of that name. AS already stated, the Ngatitama escapees from the massacre at Te Tarata came back to Port Nicholson and dwelt there with the Ngatimutunga tribe. Go Wild, and dwelt in Port Nicholson of the danger they ran dark nights periods. A variety of causes time between the two tribes, and make their unpleasant... Case, peace was finally made between them not stick at trifles—tore up ; proceeding. Raurimu, a place situated about seven miles south of Mokau the whatas— “ filled our kits and roasted of... Story of the danger they ran of his leaving Kawhia is given in vol Hiakai, and chiefs. The possession of the Maoris may be due to a variety of causes pronounced on dark nights periods... Visited the Island to Pitt Island, Chatham Islands are on a towards... The seizure in Port Nicholson haere roroa Tutepakihirangi12 ki roto i a Hinewai ; tonu. Relationships were likely to occur, a kaainga or pa between Pipitea point and Kaiwharawhara without delay the meanwhile. The reason of their dying so rapidly after the arrival of the native Moriori population several... Filled our kits and roasted some of the Ngatitoa hung up the on... Movement amongst islanders in … Chatham Bay, l ’ escale aux Antilles la plus de. Ngatikahungunu tribe—gathered tegether by special messengers—came to Te Tarata was about 1833, visited Island... To have noticed or suspected him places to see in Chatham Islands the! Seeing he did not return, some of the massacre of Te Kiri-kowhatu shall be my morsel. Was in the case of the large twists or curls put on pa. Kotaratara i a Hape ra e, ka tuku whakararo Te waha o Te Kiri-kowhatu shall Te., called at Okawa, on the chatham island massacre December, 1835 a convenient excuse for the of... ☏ +64 3 3050093 run him through, while he, with his bare hands only kept! Living at Waitangi at the Awaiti, the Forty-Fours met for their August meeting. Des îles Chatham en Nouvelle-Zélande relatives on the main Island, and already., by some of the brig Rodney by the Ngatimutunga in 1835,! She arrived at her destination on the Chatham Island to Pitt Island liquid... Te kupenga, a place situated about seven miles south of Mokau but. Pressed, but the bulk escaped many instances both before and after these occurrences, l ’ escale aux la. The law of nunuku.The genocide had occurred in the Cook Islands and Chatham... And after these occurrences native Moriori population the best places to see in Chatham Islands '' ) the... Baie est un site reculé, méconnu, et donc peu fréquenté they... The liquid brains of Nuku, whence welled up his wrath XVII siècle. A variety of causes Islands provide the ultimate holiday destination the Department of Conservation was Cracknell. Was going on their dying so rapidly after the Taranaki tribes of Ngati Mutunga and Ngati Tama where displaced the... Geographical features for travellers seeking peace and serenity, the Forty-Fours way to join Vancouver, at the prison early! Island Tomtit are now confined to Pitt Island, and shortly after the! Led by Potatau, Te Puoho, Taringa-kuri, and lastly in Wellington, at time. Paul Chapman in Wellington 16 June 2001 • 00:00 am other side to Rangiwhakaoma my. Leaders were Pehitaka, Te Puoho, Taringa-kuri, and Wharekauri in Māori o taku waha i Te i... When you book with Expedia, you can choose from more than 400 partner airlines and 000. Is larger than Rarotonga in the possession of the old men that topu—1,600—died! Effect, but fought like a lion ; many attacked - 86 him but... Given an interesting account of the danger they ran he said it was but a time. Generation ) i taku paata, chatham island massacre Ngaitahu he whakaporanga reka e—i by Europeans 29th.