Kaw;rp gapw;rp Nju;r;rp www.jsriasacademy.in JSR IAS Academy, East Tambaram, Mobile No: 7358001586 /87 Page 4 6. It tells the life history of Gautama Buddha. It is a complete life of Buddha. In this piece of work, the image of the poet and poetic perfection is predetermined. Legend obscures the man, but it is known that he was an outspoken Ashvaghosha, philosopher and poet who is considered India’s greatest poet before Kalidasa (5th century) and the father of Sanskrit drama; he popularized the style of Sanskrit poetry known as kavya. By whom the book 'Buddhacharita' was written? The most important turning point in the expansion of Buddhism in India was the emergence and conversion of Asoka the Great (304–232 BC). Post navigation. 10. Who repaired Sudarshan lake in Kathiavar? Write a note on Demetrius Answer: Demetrius was the son of Greco-Bactrian ruler Euthydemus. It is a biography of Buddha. Buddhacharita was written by . At which place Gautam Buddha got enlightenment? Answer: b) 3451 2. 5. Answer: Neminatha; Asvaghosa; 7th; Mahendravarman’s Mattavilasa Prahasana; Ajivikas; III. Language, 2 important books? "Buddhacharita" is Sanskrit epic written by Ashvaghosha in 5th Century AD, and this book is a Hindi translation of that epic along with verses in Sanskrit (Not all verses are available, so for those, writer has referred ancient text from other languages). Match the following Almost all of them were poets. The earliest of these biographies is that of the Buddhacarita (5) which is an epic poem written by Aśvaghoṣa. VI. Yes. Udanavarga - It contains verses which are attributable to the Buddha and his disciples. Mahavibhasa Sastra - written by Vasumitra, it's also linked to the Samkhya and Vaisheshikha philosophies of Hinduism, apart from Buddhism. Ashvaghosha Buddhacharita. Answer: A traveler who undertakes a journey for religious purpose is called a pilgrim. It has been translated into many languages of the world. Question No. The poems have hitherto been read in the world of Buddhist studies as religious texts -- albeit splashed with colourful ... Buddhacharita. About the Book The Budhacarita is a well-planned work written in Sanskrit by Asvaghosa who was a contemporary of Kusana emperor Kaniska. He was a student of Ma-tsu and from the same line as Hui Neng, Huang Po and Rinzai (Lin-chi). Buddhacharita? Today in Sanatan religion, texts such as Geeta, Ramayana, Ramacharitmanasa of Tulasidasa, Durga Saptashati, Bhagavat Purana etc. Numismatic evidence proves that Demetrius issued bi-lingual square coins with Greek on the obverse and Kharosthi on the reverse. Answer: The ancient trade route through which the silk traders traveled from China to other parts of the world is called Silk Route. ... A Classic Zen text written in the 8th century by Hui Hai. It is one of the few biographies of Buddha that is complete commencing with his birth and ending with his nirvana. (2) Kanishka made Jainism the state religion and built many monasteries. Ashvaghosha was born a Brahman. Buddhacharita, one of the best Sanskrit epic, was written by Asvogosha, a … In Sanskrit, “Acts viz., Life of the Buddha”; the title of two verse compositions written in the first and second centuries CE that were intended to serve as a complete biography of the historical Buddha. ‘Svapnavasavadatta’ was written by Bhasa. He embraced Buddhism after 8 ye. describes Buddhism as a religion in decay. In which language Buddha Charita was written? They have authentic content when compared to a lot of competitors out there. 37. The Beginning of Buddhism and Development of the Schools, by John Aske. Most books were written in Sanskrit. Buddhacharita of Asvaghosha; Malavikagnimitra of Kalidasa; Question 2. The current form consists of 1,00,000 verses and is divided into 10 parvas (chapters). Q. Buddhacharita, the epic biography of Gautama Buddha in Sanskrit was written by__: Answer: [A] Asvaghosa Notes: The Buddha Charita was the biography of Buddha which was penned by Ashvaghosa probably in the first century C.E. This work is composed in the style of ornate court poetry or Kaavya. 6. Who started Saka era and when? Buddhacharita is a great epic which narrates the life of Buddha – from his birth to Nirvana. Chinese traveller Huein Tsang visited Pallava country in century. The Mauryan emperor Asoka and his grandson Dasarata patronised . Answer : Under a Pipal tree on the banks of Niranian (Phalgu) river at Uruvella (Bodh Gaya) on the 49th day of meditation. Buddhacharita, Vajrasuchi, etc. ‘Buddhacharita’ was written in the form of Mahakavya. Buddhacharita is a great epic which narrates the life of Buddha – from his birth to Nirvana. associated with? Answer: True; True; False; True; V. Match the following. Which sect of Buddhism are . The first was by the monk Sangha raksha (c. first century CE), whose work survives today only in … The period from 300 BCE onwards marks a watershed in ancient history. Buddhacharita, the epic biography of Gautama Buddha in Sanskrit was written by__: The freedom fighter who died in jail due to hunger strike wasWhat do we call an input/output device on a computer, reserved for communication between the computer operator or maintenance engineer and the computer? It is an early Sanskrit poem written in India on the legendary history of Buddha, and therefore contains much that is of interest for the history of Buddhism, besides its special importance as illustarating the early history of classical Sanskrit literature. Another key literature by him? Buddhacharita is written by Pilgrims.I think so, AÅ›vaghoá¹£a was the author of the poem called the Buddhacharita (Acts of the Buddha). Buddhacharita was written by Asvaghosha. It was no doubt written by the Bodhisattva Asvaghosha, (बोधिसत्त्व अश्वघोष) who was the twelfth Bu... buddhacharita.com Buddhacharita’s Chinese version noticed by Samuel Beal in the Introduction to The Fo-sho-hing-tsan-king (b) Buddhacharita was written by Ashvaghosh. Some of them, whose works have accounts of Ancient Indian Kings are as follows, 1. This GK General Knowledge quiz covers SSC question answer like: Ashvaghosha, who has written the marvelous work “Buddhacharita” was a court poet of which among the following kings? The Buddhist Literature had written in the Pali and Vedic Sanskrit. What do you understand by a pilgrim? Aśvaghoṣa's two epic poems are ostensibly biographies of the Buddha himself and of his half-brother, the handsome Nanda. The Mahayana works of Ashwaghosha (2nd Century CE), such as Buddhacharita. GK, General Studies, Optional notes for UPSC, IAS, Banking, Civil Services. (d) 36. The Buddhacharita: The ‘Buddhacharita’ is a beautiiful piece of art by Ashvaghosha. It is famous Sanskrit play of the period. 12. Whereas Mark, Matthew, Luke, and John provide information on Jesus, the Buddhacharita, Lalitavistara Sūtra, Mahāvastu, and the Nidānakathā tell us about the historical Buddha (4). are considered to be the work of virtuousness. 7. 11. Buddhacharita, one of the best Sanskrit epic, was written by Asvogosha, a … included in the series `Sacred Books of the East.' Jizya tax re-imposed by A. Akbar B. Aurangazeb Your score is . He was king of Macedonia from 294 to 288 BC. Answer : Buddhacharita is written by Aśvaghoṣa on the life of Gautam Buddha. Which language and its literature form are these written in? 35. This epic is divided into two parts and each part contains fourteen cantos. What was Silk Route? It was written in Sanskrit and initially had 8,800 verses and increased to 24,000. Answer: Ashvaghosha. About the Book: The Buddhacarita is the most famous work of Asvaghosa, the well-known Buddhist poet-Philosopher supposed to have been a contemporary of King Kaniska of the early 2nd century A.D. Of the twenty-eight cantos of the epic poem a little less than half is now available in the original, but complete translations in Chinese and Tibetan have been preserved. Which foreign invaders introduced tradition of curtain in theatres? Out of the following remains excavated in indus valley,which one indicates the commercial and economic developmentHow much of longitude account for one hour? 22. Buddhacharita - written by Asvaghosa, it's an epic style Sanskrit work. MRP of this book is only 115 Rupees, and not 245 Rupees as mentioned by seller. Most of the literature is written in Pali, so that common people of that period could understand it easily. It is not only the time of Ashoka, but also that of Qin Shi Huang, uniter of China and founder of the Great Wall, and of Rome’s triumph over Carthage assuring its supre macy in the Mediterranean. Find out the wrong statement from the following (1) The Kushanas formed a section of the yueh-chi tribes who inhabited north-western China. The story is based on the conflict between the Kauravas and the Pandavas over the right to claim the throne of Hastinapur. Jijabai Shahji Raje Quiz. ASHVAGHOSHA BUDDHACARITA PDF - printed in The Buddhacarita or Life of Buddha by Aśvaghoṣa, which was The Sanskrit text of the Buddha-carita was published at the beginning of last year. 34. What is it about? Remains of Asvaghosha's plays have been recovered from Turfan (in central Asia). 9. Who was the founder of Sunga dynasty? There were a lot of Ancient Indian Historians. What is meant by local self government? avadanas. (c) Lion capital of Ashoka is in Saranath (not Rajgir) 38. Some were orally remembered in Pali language and later on written in Pali and still later written and composed in Sinhala by Indian Buddhist monk Buddhaghosha in Sri Lanka. Perfect Wisdom: Prajnaparamita Texts. He was a renowned Sanskrit poet. 23. According to I-tsing (635 A.D.-713 A.D.) Buddhacharita of Ashvaghosha was the most sacred text in Buddhism. The NCERT books for Class 8 are written by expert teachers, who have researched extensively on these topics and provided an easier way to understand the fundamental concepts. Buddhacharita was written by whom? The Buddha Charita is made up of 28 songs recounting events in Shakyamuni Buddha’s life up to the time of his great awakening. Buddhacharita, the epic biography of Gautama Buddha in Sanskrit was written by ‘Asvaghosa’ ‘Indrabhuti’ ‘Bodhisena’ ‘Asanga’ Enter the correct email id and name for receiving your own certificate in your mailbox. When compared to other epics it is evident here that the genius and the grace are very admirable. Name the place where Fourth Buddhist Council was held? Question No. I have also entered some supplementary material (written in italics) and the titles to the Chapters (in square brackets), which have been drawn from Johnson’s edition, as they nicely summarize the contents. (a) Ashoka’s edicts stress on social harmony among the people by spreading ideas of equity instead of promotion of religion. 0%. 8. Who was the most famous Indo-Greek ruler?